Tom Caruana started Tea Sea Records in 2007. One of the first releases included The Boiler Room Collective which featured Skinnyman, Wordsmith, Genesis Elijah, Dr Syntax & Red Master. Tom has gone on to produce for a number of artist on and outside of Tea Sea Records including for Rizzle Kicks, Grand Agent, Dabbla (LDZ), Dr Syntax, Professor Elemental, Dizraeli and The Delusionists.

Tea Sea is a small independent label run by Tom himself. The label has a laid back approach and the normal label practices of heavy mail outs and promotion don't happen here. We take more of a you'll find us when you're supposed to find us attitute. Which means it isn't a business run with profits in mind, but more an outlet for some sounds.

We take pride in releasing good quality independent music. Many releases are available for free download including all remix projects (Okay Bollywood & the Rough Versions remix series 1-5), please explore around the website to find these freebies (plus hidden secret bonuses).

If you like what we do here please feel free to get in touch. We'd love to hear from you. If you want to contribute in any way (creative ideas / suggestions / contributions etc) we will try our best to return the favour.

Main acts on Tea Sea Records are currently/previously
  • Tom Caruana
  • Professor Elemental
  • Dr Syntax
  • Klondike Kids
  • Boiler Room Collective
  • The Menagerie
  • Dizraeli
  • Teej
  • Longusto
  • Bombadeal
  • Grand Agent