There are currently an plethora of projects in progress. Next up for release is Tom Caruana's non-hip-hop solo album 'Overdub', 12 tracks of instrumental goodness with Tom playing all instruments. The Menagerie have regrouped with their original line up of Dr Syntax, Elemental & Tom Caruana, the album is called 'Odd Beast' and features Synner & El going back to back on every track. Son Of Sam is a live hip hop & funk band that was active from around 2004-2007, they have recorded 2 albums worth of materials and their first album 'Cinder Hill Era' features none other than Masta Ace, Large Pro, J-Live, Guilty Simpson and tons of other incredible MCs. The album is in its final stages and being prepped to be mixed & mastered. Prolific as ever Professor Elemental has a new album in the pipeline with Tom Caruana and will probably be out at the end of the year. Tom has an album with Teej called 'Electric Sheep' and is definitely a step into new unique territory. And finally speaking of concept albums, Bombadeal is going to release his final ever album at some point. We don't really do release dates, or a grate deal of promotion for our albums, but if you sign up to our mailing list we will keep you informed of our latest offering as and when they drop! 

Let me leave you with this rough version of a track from a project I completely forgot to tell you about. Tom Caruana has an album in progress with various MCs (including Boog Brown, PaceWon, Magestik Legend, Sam Hill and...Willie Evans Jr, who features on the track below...)
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"Caruana is a producer of considerable imagination, skill and potential" (The Guardian)
"Even among music fans whose tastes are omnivorous enough to include the Beatles and the Wu-Tang Clan, most people would not necessarily want to listen to both bands at the same time. Most people are not Tom Caruana" (New York Times)